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Divani Casa T93C Modern White Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa (SPECIAL ORDER)
Divani Casa T93C Modern White Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa (SPECIAL ORDER)
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Is my credit card information secure?
The Toscana Home Interiors website uses the latest server security technologies and Internet encryption to ensure that all aspects of your order are completely protected.

Will I receive an order confirmation?
You will receive a confirmation email from us upon order placement—generally within two hours. This email is an acknowledgement of your order, and it includes the details of your purchase and a reference number, which is used to assist us when discussing your order in the future. Our order acknowledgement is sent prior to obtaining an authorization on your credit card. If we subsequently have trouble obtaining an authorization from your bank, we will contact you by phone or email to resolve the problem.

Leather Glossary

Buying leather furniture can be confusing, especially if a commissioned sales person is involved. Below are industry standard definitions of leather. Hopefully this will be helpful in helping you determine what's real quality and what isn't.

Aniline: The type of dye used to give the initial color to a skin. Aniline dying is the process of putting skins into a drum and allowing the dye to soak completely through.

Antiqued: Leather that is dyed with one color over another (usually darker over lighter) so as to create rich highlights and an artificial aged appearance. Also called distressed leather.

Bonded Leather: Is a material made of varying degrees of genuine leather combined with other substances to give the appearance of leather at a reduced cost. It has allowed consumers a choice of choosing a solid surface material that is stain resistant without the prohibitive cost of full grain leather.

Buffed Leather: Leather from which the top surface has been removed by abrasion. Often known as suede or nubuck.

Buffing: Process used to minimize surface imperfections, creates a more uniform skin appearance.

Corrected Grain: Leather that has been buffed to remove blemishes, then covered with a new, artificial grain created using pigments and other finishes.

Crocking: Removing the crock, or excess coloring, that rubs off of a newly-dyed hide.

Crust: Leather which has been tanned (treated to become nonperishable) but not colored or otherwise finished.

Distressed: Another term for antiqued leather.

Drum Dying: The process of coloring leather by tumbling it in a rotating drum immersed in dye. A very effective method allowing maximum dye penetration.

Embossed Leather: Leather that has been "stamped" with a pattern applied by extreme pressure in a press to give a unique design or imitation of full grain characteristics. Sometimes leathers are embossed to make them appear to be another leather, such as embossing an alligator pattern into cowhide.

Fat-Liquoring: The process of replacing oils that have been leached from the hide during processing.

Fat Wrinkles: Wrinkles in the grain of leather caused by fat deposits in the animal that creates beauty in the leather. Fat wrinkles are not visible in imitation grain leather.

Finish: Any enhancing effect applied to leather after it has been tanned. Examples are dyeing, embossing, buffing, antiquing, waxing, waterproofing, and so on.

Full Aniline: Leather receiving its color from dyes, however may receive a topical stain, wax, and/or water repellant.

Full Grain Leather and Top Grain Leather: Both Full and Top Grain Leather comes from the outermost upper layer of the cowhide, and is the only leather recommended for all high quality sofa leather. The best top-grain hides reflect that the animal has lived in an environment that resulted in limited scratches, insect bites or other damage. These hides can be minimally processed and used in their most natural form. Generally, less processing allows the hide to be softer and display a more natural character. These Leathers have not been altered beyond hair removal. Full grain leather is the most genuine type of leather, as it retains all of the original texture and markings of the original hide. When hides have been tanned to produce leather it is split to produce a working thickness of leather. The surface of the top split is where the hair would have been on the hide. If the top surface does not have much damage on it (usually caused by insect damage, brand marks, barbed wire marks etc.) then it can be used as it is and this is called full grain. If the top surface has to be corrected to enable it to be used then a small layer is shaved off to remove the damage. This is then called top grain. Top grain can be used to make pigment coated leathers, or can be further sanded to create nubuck.

Caring for your New Leather Furniture: Care and Maintenance Tips Using the same list of leather types, the following is some general advice for cleaning and extending the life of your leather furniture. Caring for Full Aniline Leather Routinely wipe with a damp sponge or vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Keep out of any direct sunlight in order to avoid sunfade. Maintain at least a 12-inch distance from direct heat source. Blot liquid spills with clean, dry cloth. Food spills should be removed with damp cloth or sponge. Caring for Semi-Aniline (Protected) Leather Routinely wipe with a damp sponge or dust with a clean cloth. Keep out of any direct sunlight in order to avoid sunfade. Maintain at least a 12-inch distance from direct heat source. Blot liquid spills with clean, dry cloth. Food spills should be removed with damp cloth or sponge. Caring for Pull-Up (Wax Oil) Aniline Leather Routinely wipe with a damp sponge. Keep out of any direct sunlight in order to avoid sunfade. Maintain at least a 12-inch distance from direct heat source. Diminish most minor scratches with hair dryer heat and massage. Caring for Nubuck (or Suede) Vacuum weekly to remove airborne particles. Use a nubuck cloth to remove any soil and to maintain the sueded effect. Blot liquid spills with clean, dry cloth. Let area air dry, or blow dry with medium heat.

Link to Leather Care Products:

Glazed Leather: Aniline-dyed leather which has been polished to a high luster by passing through glass or steel rollers under great pressure.

Glove Leather: Lambskin or other very soft leather typically used for gloves.

Grain: A word used to describe the natural characteristics of an unprocessed hide, such as its pores, wrinkles, markings, and texture.

Hand: A word used to describe the feel (i.e. softness or fullness) of leather, typically upholstery leather.

Hand Antiqued: Also known as "hand rubbing". The process of skilled craftsmen hand rubbing a contrasting color onto the surface of the leather to accentuate the natural grain and embossing.

Hides: Skins of large animals, usually cattle.

Imitation: A variety of materials which have been made to resemble genuine leather. The great bulk of these are rubber or plastic-coated fabrics. It is unlawful to use terms connoting leather to describe imitations.

Leather: A hide, or skin, that has been tanned into a non-perishable state.

Liming: The process of removing hair from a raw hide through the use of chemicals.

Milling: Process in which tanned hides are tumbled in rotating drums using a combination of heat and a misting of water to soften the hand or enhance the grain.

Naked: A leather with no surface, impregnated treatment of finish other than dye matter which might mask or alter the natural state of the leather. Usually reserved for the finest quality skins.

Nap: Describes the soft, "fuzzy" effect achieved in leather by buffing or brushing.

Natural Grain: A leather that displays its original grain.

Nubuck: A leather whose surface has been buffed and brushed to create a soft, velvety effect. Differs from suede in that while suede is created from the flesh (inner) side of a hide, nubuck is created using the grain (outer) side, giving it added strength and durability.

Oil Tanned: Leather that is tanned using oils to create a very soft, pliable finish.

Patent Leather: Leather with a glossy impermeable finish produced by successive coats of drying oils, varnish, or synthetic resins.

Patina: The aura or luster that develops in a quality piece of leather with age.

Perforated: Leather in which a pattern of small holes is stamped using a die.

Pigmented Leather: Leather that has been coated with a flat surface color on top of or instead of the usual dye finish. Leather is usually pigmented to add durability and hide natural blemishes.

Plating: The process of pressing leather under a heated plate. Often used in upholstery leather to mask imperfections.

Pull-up: Describes the behavior of leather that has been treated with oils, waxes, and dyes in such a way that when the leather is pulled or stretched (i.e. on upholstery), the finish becomes lighter in the stretched areas. Considered a mark of high quality.

Pure Aniline: Leather which receives all its color from dyes only and exhibits natural markings and characteristics.

Re-Tan: A second finish added over an underlying tannage.

Saddle Leather: Vegetable-tanned cattlehide leather for harnesses and saddles, usually of a natural tan shade and rather flexible.

Sauvage: A coloring effect created by blending two similar dyes to create a mottled or marbled appearance.

Semi-Aniline: Aniline leather to which a matching pigment layer is added to even out the color and add protection.

Shrunken Grain: A full, natural-grain leather which is shrunken to enlarge and enhance the grain of the leather.

Side Leather: Leather made from one half, or "side", of a full hide. Typically refers to leather whose top grain (outermost layer) has been left intact.

Split Leather: Leather made from the lower (inner or flesh side) layers of a hide that have been split away from the upper, or grain, layers. Split leather is more fragile than side leather or full-grain leather, and is typically used in the form of suede.

Suede: Split leather that has been buffed and brushed to create a fuzzy surface feel. Generally used on the sides and backs of some furniture to cut costs on lower priced furniture.

Tanning: The process of converting a raw hide into a stable, non-perishable state.

Top Coat: Synthetic transparent resins applied as a protective coating producing either a high gloss or a matte finish.

Two-tone: An effect created by applying layers of similar or contrasting dyes to a piece of leather in order to create a mottled or aged appearance. Antiqued and Sauvaged leathers are examples of two-tone leathers.

Upholstery Leather: Leather created from a whole hide and intended for use in furniture, automobiles, airplanes, and other upholstery applications.

Vegetable Tanning: A method of hide tanning which utilizes materials from organic materials such as bark instead of the traditional chemicals. Vegetable tanned leather has greater body and firmness than traditionally-tanned leather.

Weight: A term which describes the heaviness or thickness of leather. Typically given in ounces per square foot or millimeters (thickness).

Whole Hide: Refers to leather created using a full hide, as opposed to a side, and typically intended for use as upholstery leather.

Shipping & Delivery

What if I receive incorrect or damaged merchandise?

Damage Claim Policy

Toscana Home Interiors only contracts professional delivery and trucking companies. Unfortunately, accidents damaging your ordered items may occur occasionally. We do ask our customers to personally and thoroughly inspect the merchandise at the time of arrival and note all comments on damage in their entirety on the Bill of Lading. This is extremely important because all Delivery Companies use this signed Bill of Lading to determine their liability for damages based on comments made by the customer. If customer does not make note of damage on the Bill of Lading at time of delivery your damage claim to Toscana Home Interiors may be denied! The Customer is also asked to photograph the damages, call us when this occurs at 800-660-2851 ext 1 and e-mail the photographs of damages to within 5 business days of delivery. Failure to adhere to our company's damage claim policy could result in denial of customers claim.  We reserve the right to repair furniture in customer’s home or accept return for repair and/or replacement. Regretfully, we can only authorize full refund in the rare event when we are unable to repair or replace the item. We also expect our customers to accept delivery appointment for any repairs or replacement furniture to complete the order process.

How do I track my order?
If you wish to know the status of your order, please click on “My Account” and enter your User ID and password; this will enable you to access your order history. Additionally, you can always call our Customer Service department at 1 (888) 660-2851 or send us an email at we will be glad to update you on the progress of your order.

How long will it take to ship my furniture?
All shipping times listed on our website are approximate and are often affected by factors beyond our control such as manufacturers or shipping companies. With this being said, we strive to adhere to our estimations as closely as possible and to deliver your purchase as quickly and conveniently as we can. Our normal delivery time is 1 to 4 weeks based on items ordered and your geographic location.

What are my options for delivery?
Toscana Home Interiors offers Standard Shipping or Soft Glove Inside Delivery for an EXTRA CHARGE. Toscana Home Interiors offers "Soft Glove" inside delivery in the contiguous 48 United States on all leather furniture orders. Service will include inside placement, unwrapping, and debris(packaging) removal. Additionally, you may choose to pick your item up from our Freight Companies closest terminal during business hours; this option is free.* You will be given a four hour window within which our Delivery Company will arrive. Under no circumstances can your item be left outside, so please arrange for someone (age 18 or over) to accept your delivery and sign a bill of lading.

Will my furniture be assembled for me?
Assembly charge calculated based on location of the delivery, totaling the sum of the order, and furniture manufacturer. For an additional charge, Toscana Home Interiors Soft Glove Delivery Service will deliver, unpack, assemble, and position your new furniture in any room you designate. Then, our shipping crew will remove all packing materials and trash.

What are your return policies?
If you do not wish to accept your shipment for any reason, you have five days after delivery to declare it. Please call us at 1 (888) 660-2851 to arrange for a pick-up. You will be issued a refund for the full amount less delivery charges and a 25% manufacturer's restocking fee. For a return to be accepted, the item(s) must be in original condition and packaging. Additionally, certain products can not be returned because neither our supplier nor we can take them back. Please inquire further by calling our Customer Service department at 1 (888) 660-2851.

Product Related

Is every Product you offer on your website?
Toscana Home Interiors represents many lines of furniture and every item can't be included on our website. If you need a specific item and it is not found on our website, contact a Customer Service Specialist for assistance in locating the item.

Do you have a catalog?
Unfortunately, we do not offer catalogs directly to consumers. Our goal is to provide competitive pricing by keeping our overhead costs to a minimum.

Where can I get dimensions of a particular piece of furniture?
Dimensions can be found on the product detail page.

What is the difference between a king size bed and a California king? A California king is 4 inches longer and 4 inches narrower than a king size.

Is there a way to touch up the finish on my furniture?
Touch-up crayons and markers are available at local hardware stores and home improvement stores in a variety of colors.

I need assembly instructions for my furniture. Where can I get them? Detailed assembly instructions should have been included in the carton. If they are missing, please contact our Customer Service Department and a Customer Service Specialist will assist you. Just have your sales order number, item number and description available to expedite process.

Company Information

How does Toscana Home work?
Toscana Home represents many furniture manufacturers in order to bring you the best in variety and quality merchandise at reasonable prices. Browse through our tremendous online catalog or speak to our knowledgeable staff to find the piece that is perfect for your home. Are you ready for your furniture now? Your furniture is ready for you! Shop online through our convenient and user-friendly website and your furniture will be shipped directly to your door. Need some help? Our qualified staff is ready to assist you in any way we can.

What are the benefits of creating a Toscana Home Interiors account?
Creating an account with Toscana Home enables you to shop faster, follow the status of your order, and keep track of your order history. Creating an account is quick and easy – just like shopping online will be after you have created your Toscana Home Interiors account! Additionally, creating an account will qualify you to receive the Toscana Home Interiors periodic Extra Specials that we offer to our loyal customers. By the way, your account information is sure to stay secure with our Security Code feature.

What if I forget my account password?
If you have forgotten your password, it's no problem! Just click on “My Account” and follow the “Password Forgotten?” link. You will be prompted to enter your email address, and your password will be sent to you via email.

What if I have additional questions or comments?
If you still have unanswered questions, please call our toll-free Customer Service number, 1(888) 660-2851. Additionally, feel free to email us at We would be glad to answer any questions you may have and hear feedback from you. If you have suggestions for this list of FAQs or our website in general, please email us and let us know!


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